Dan najboljše prakse


dr. Richard Keegan

author, advisor at EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Co.Operation, professor at Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Richard Keegan is a specialist in the areas of Lean/World Class Business and Benchmarking with Enterprise Ireland. He advises major companies in Europe. 
Working with Toyota he has led best practice missions for over 1,500 managers to the Deeside plant, as well as leading a mission by An Taoiseach to Toyota Japan. He is the advisor to the World Class Activities of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Co-Operation.  He has worked previously for DAF Trucks, Nokia, Nestle and the ESB. He likes to ride motorcycles, long distances.

dr. Peter Metlikovič

CEO Zavod Ptica

Dr. Peter Metlikovič has been advising companies of all sizes, at home and abroad, for over 15 years in the field of production, development, organization and management using the DigitaLean method. After his doctorate in USA in 1996, he was European Development director at Goodyear Engineered Products Europe for 7 years.

dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis

author, neuromarketing specialist, University of York European Campus, Greece

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis is an award winning communications professional, book author, educator and consultant. He has scanned more than 5.500 brains from 25 countries globally for Neuromarketing NeuroHR and academic purposes. He teaches regularly in various MBAs and other university and corporate programs around the world. Dr. Dimitriadis is the Chairman of the People Comittee at the World Innovation and Change Management Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.