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Thomas Zimmermann

Thomas Zimmermann, Dipl. Ing. (FH), REFA Ing., Director of Value Stream Beverage Program at BSH Group, will present us how they ensure the success of the company using outstanding I4.0 solutions, high lean production standards and smart technologies. His Key Note Speech will touch upon the topic of how missing trends, missing opportunities or missing creative solutions to improve the life of the customer could bring businesses in danger. He will show us how BSH has turned the crisis to significant turnover and earning increase and which solutions made the difference.

Marc Habets

Marc Habets is the technical director of ETIM International. After working for 10+ years in the family business (installer company) he began his career in 2003 with ETIM Netherlands, first as manager classification and later as director. In that role he was closely involved in the international expansion of ETIM and the founding of the ETIM International association. He was the first president of ETIM International for 5 years since its foundation in 2008 and changed to working fulltime as technical director for ETIM International in 2017.

Marc Habets will present how ETIM, as a global standard for product classification, can support businesses by structuring the flow of technical product information within the value chain, enabling professionals to select the right product solutions, wherever and whenever needed.

Peter Slapšak

Peter Slapšak has been in finance since 2003, especially in the field of consulting for individuals and legal entities. Since 2006, he has specialized in consulting in the field of investments in precious metals. At the age of twenty-eight, as well as at the age of twenty-nine, he became the youngest manager in the category unil 300 companies. In the company Elementum, he actively helps in the development of the precious metals market in Slovenia, and also uses his knowledge as a mentor to help teams in other countries where the Elementum group is present.

In his lecture, he will focus on the supply chain of precious metals mainly from the point of view of suply chain reliability and possible disruptions today.

Eva Boštjančič