Dan najboljše prakse

On-line conference

»Best practice day«

 October 1st 2020


Forecasts and best practices with attributes smart, agile and local (in production and supply chains) are key to doing business in the new - digital - reality.

The industrial revolution of the 21st century marks the transition to the so-called Industry 4.0. The year 2020 has brought us a leap into digitalisation of an unprecedented extent. Companies have found that digital is essential and strategically extremely important for the future.


The purpose of the conference was to emphasize the new digital reality and the need for a thorough consideration and forecast of future developments. The conference presented local and international best practices in the field of production and supply change management.

The conference was intended for experts and decision-makers from companies who are involved in current processes of digital transformation, especially in the field of production, development and finding new sales and supply routes.


Event organizers:

·         Section for Continuous improvement Systems at Electrical Engineering Association 

·        Smart factories cluster Slovenia (SRIP Factories of the Future)

·         Interreg Central Europe 4 STEPS